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Kwai Fung Hin Founder

Born in Hong Kong, Ms Catherine Kwai founded Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery in 1991 and from there, she has established three more companies with different specializations in art:


Ÿ  Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery: represents artists and professionally showcases and promotes artistic talents

Ÿ  Kwai Fung Art Consultants: helps the corporations to build up high quality art collection

Ÿ  Kwai Po Collection: publishes lithograph of Asian Contemporary artists

Ÿ  Kwai Fung Art Publishing House: publishes art books and exhibition catalogues since 1995. Throughout the years, Kwai Fung Art Publishing House has published more than 30 books. In 2010, a very successful book published is Zao Wou Ki’s 74 years monographic in Chinese, English and French language


For the past 20 years, Kwai Fung Hin has organized more than 100 exhibitions. Ms Kwai had been invited by numerous museums in China and Hong Kong to curate exhibitions, such as:


2000         The 40 years Retrospective Exhibition of French master Bernard Cathelin at Shanghai Art Museum, China;

2003         Exhibition of Italian master Modigliani at University Museum and Art Gallery of The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; and

2010         Solo Exhibition of Ma Desheng at Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong


Alongside devoting herself in building up a successful career, Ms Kwai has also been actively involved in charity works and public services. She is currently the Board Member of Lord Wilson Heritage Trustees, Member of Board of Directors of Association Culturelle France-Hong Kong Ltd. (Le French May), and the Member of the Academic Committee of the 7th and the 8th Shanghai Biennale.


Her contribution in cultural exchange between China and France has earned her the award “Knight of the National Order of the Merit” by the French Government in 2011.

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